The 24th International Conference on Adaptive Structures Technologies (ICAST2013) will be held, October 7-9, 2013, in Aruba.

The ICAST 2013 is the 24th event in a series of successful international conferences, which have followed the field of smart materials and adaptive structures and systems, from its emergence to its current rapid maturity.  The ICAST 2013 aims at promoting research, development and use of adaptive structures and technologies through the exchange of scientific results and insight from leading international scholars and specialists from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  The conference provides a forum for discussion of recent advances in the highly multidisciplinary field of smart materials and structures, and encourages transfer of advanced scientific results from research to application.  ICAST is a single session conference with limited attendance.

All accepted papers will be indexed by ISTP.

Selected papers may be published in the Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, and Smart Materials and Structures, subject to regular review procedures of each journal.

The Conference welcomes contributions to but not limited to the following topics:


ŸActive or field dependent materialsŸ, Shape memory alloys,Ÿ Shape memory polymers,Ÿ Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectrics,Ÿ Electroactive polymers,Ÿ Dielectric elastomers,Ÿ Active nanocomposites,Ÿ Electrostrictive and magnetostrictive materials,Ÿ Electrorheological and magnetorheological fluidsŸ, Multifunctional materials,Ÿ Smart compositesŸ, Smart textiles

Structural Systems and Solutions

ŸAdaptive or smart structural systems, Active vibration control and reduction, Active/semi active/hybrid damping, Active noise control, Sensors and actuators, Shape and position control, Variable geometry structures, Nano/Micro structures/systems

Tools and Methodologies

Coupled-field mechanics, Modeling and simulation, Numerical methods, Structural integration of sensors and actuators, Control methodologies, Integrated system design, Bioinspiration and biomimetics, Embodying intelligence


Aerospace, military, automotive and transportation, Renewable energy and sustainable buildings, Energy conversion, Energy harvesting, Compact hybrid actuation, Morphing structures, Structural health monitoring, Mechatronics and robotics, Measurement and manufacturing systems, Medicine and bioengineering